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Name:Private Community for Zuko and Katara
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Katara → She is a waterbender from the South Pole's water tribe. Katara is also very nurturing, acting as den mother for the group. Being very stubborn, she is sometimes hurt when she wants to help people who just are beyond help. Kind, brave and passionate, Katara will fight through any battle if only to protect her loved ones. All in all, she is a very kind, beautiful and loving person. The waterbender is a strong and independent woman whom fights alongside her friends and family for what she believes is right.

Zuko → He is a firebending prince from the Fire Nation. He believes that his struggles have made him a wiser and stronger human being. He is frequently impatient and arrogant. He is also shown as loving deeply and honestly (he is a very honest person in general, and as such is often oblivious to the duplicity of others) to certain individuals who earn his trust. He is deeply protective of those he loves. Although he rarely shows his feelings, he is unusually good at helping and dealing with the issues and problems of others, making him the group's "agony aunt" when he is in a relaxed state of mind.

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